February 15, 2021 - PICTORIALISM

My interest in the Pictorialist movement of the latter part of the XIXe century is a natural segue from my previous Blog article in which I discuss my thoughts about those who believe in the strict use of the camera as a tool to only document and, oh God forbid, those who prefer to create. Obviously, you know where I made my bed ;-0
Read all about it on this page: "Pictorialism"
November 20, 2020 - TO POST PROCESS OR NOT
I am often asked what the original image actually looked like before I decided to transform it into the image I really had in mind when I reviewed the Raw. My main photo editor is Adobe Photoshop CC and a limited number of plugins: DxO Viewpoint to address perspective problems; DxO/Nik Collection for B&W conversions, Denoising, & the occasional color effect, and finally ParticleShop for the occasional brush effect.

I therefore decided to devote a page to this exercise we'llĀ  call "From SOOC to My Vision"
Appropriately, I called the page simply "Before & After".
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