Posted on Mar 12, 2012 | 6 comments

Macro Table, Montreal.

Pill bugs have the ability to twirl their bodies on a vertical axis. This led me to wonder what a horizontal twirl might look like.

Nikon D700/Nikkor 105mmm f16, 1/2s, ISO800

Copyright Fritschi © Photographs 2000-2014


  1. 3-14-2012

    Fantastique! Un vrai chef d’oeuvre artistique de formes, de couleurs, de lumière, de textures et même d’architecture!

  2. 3-16-2012

    Very nice! Great Macro shot- what was the background?

    • 3-16-2012

      Black acrylic paint and water.

  3. 3-17-2012

    Amazing patterns. This is an outstanding image.

  4. 3-18-2012

    I never knew that about pill bugs—makes for an interesting pattern.

  5. 3-21-2012

    Fantastic shot!

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