I was never very interested in birds……in fact, unless quite large and colorful and most often in a zoo they would go by unnoticed. Until Spring ’11 when a friend invited me on a fishing trip. Now, fishing is another story. Not only is it something I do not care for, it is also the type of activity I would just as well replace with just about anything else.


On this particular occasion, I was told that the St-Lawrence River in the area of Lac Saint-Pierre had risen to an unusual level and that several areas were now passable by john-boat and that wood ducks and others might be more easily approachable as well as other birds. It was decided that the fishing trip would be reorganized so as to include a sizable photo component.


Needless to say, I was sold and secretly elated to be able to try my new D700/28-300mm combo.

Couldn’t have picked a more perfect day!


Wood ducks, unless in a wildlife preserve or national park are by nature very shy, like to perch on tree limbs and preferably in the shade. This made the beginning of my very first bird safari quite disappointing as we could never get close enough for my limited lens reach to be effective.

Until we came upon the following and this made my day. Even now I have goose bumps thinking about this magic moment.



This turkey vulture couple had probably never seen people so close and the male was looking down at us about 25 feet below. I understand that one of the things they do when feeling threatened is to spit the regurgitate from the carrion they are in the process of digesting. In retrospect, I feel quite fortunate for having been able to take this shot and remain dry ūüôā



Just a few minutes later we glided on to an area where Bald Eagles patrol their territory and hunt for local fish and sometimes a wounded goose or duck. On the branch sit a juvenile and an parent. Interesting to note that bald eagle females are larger than males. A few bird species are subject to this dismorphism based on sex. Here is a shot of the jevenile in flight showing the incredible plumage backlit by the sun:



And, if you think this was it for my first bird photo electroshock, keep reading: !


Arctic Tern.

Cormorant Rising.

Common Moorhen.


This half day spent in total photo bliss could not have ended on a better image than this one:



This first trip convinced me that my 28-300mm just didn’t cut it and there followed a trip to the local camera store to pick up the magnificent 70-200 f2.8 VRII coupled to a 2x TC20E III.


This combo rigged to the D300 would yield a reach of 600mm and to the D700 a reach of 400mm. Now the real fun begins. Unfortunately it also begins with getting used to shooting with a close to 15lb rig in your hand, most often shooting without a tripod or monopod so as to be mobile enough to track a bird in flight. Needless to say, very high speeds are necessary to assist the limited action of the VR mechanism. I usually use shutter priority at 1/1250s. Most often this means a high ISO which is not a problem with the D700 body but tends to be very noisy on the D300. You just don’t want to have to crop too much under these circumstances.



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Winter Scene V

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Winter Scene

Iles de Boucherville, Qc. December 2014.

Nikon D600; Nikkor 18-35mm ISO 200; f4.5; 1/500 secs

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Burning Match

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Abstract macro view of a match bursting into flame

Montreal, Qc. December 2014.

Nikon D600; Nikkor 28-300mm + 21mm extension ring; ISO 100; f11.0; 2 secs

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Merlin / Faucon émerillon

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Composite of an unexpected visitor.

Falco colombarius

Montreal, Qc. January 2015.

Nikon 1 V3 70-300mmCx  f3.5 -5.6 @ 810mm equiv.

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J’en vois tous les ans dans mon jardin vers la fin de l’√©t√©

Nikon D700, Nikkor 70-200mm + TC20E III @600mm,  f5.6, 1/1250s ISO 2000

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Buse à queue rousse

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Bonjour les Locos. Bienvenue sur mon site.

Une petite page juste pour Patorca Brum qui voulait voir si la queue √©tait vraiment rousse…

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Flamant Rose

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Bonjour les Locos. Bienvenue sur mon site.

Juste un petit post pour montrer l’avant traitement (raw) et le r√©sultat du post-traitement sur une photo en particulier.

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The Willow and the Pond

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The fog is lifting on the pond.

Austin, Qc. September 2014.

Nikon 1 V3 10-30mm  f3.5 -5.6 @ 27mm equiv., f6.3, 1/160s ISO 400

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Hacked By Shade

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Hacked By Shade

Hacked By Shade


GreetZ : Prosox & Sxtz

Hacked By Shade <3

Angels & Demons

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Each year Montreal holds an International Fireworks Competition. In 2011, the USA chose “Angels and Demons” as a theme. This was my first experience both at the Competition and as a Fireworks photographer.

Nikon D700, Nikkor 28-300mm @28mm,  f8, 1/2s ISO 400

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